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I received your pyramids.......

" I received your pyramids, they are beautiful! You are an artist, my friend! I"ve purchased a few from a number of other makers and yours are made with the most care for sure. I can really tell that you take the time to make sure the bubbles are gone, the crystals are in place and that everything is just right. Well done!"  Palyn, Colorado



Thank you for the beautiful products

" Hi Peter! Thank you for the beautiful products. I was surprised at how pretty and intricate the power pucks really are! I was expecting a run-of-the-mill orgone "muffin" loaded with metal shavings. I ordered one of each color and placed them in the corners of my house according to their feng shui colors, and I have to say the energies in my house are so breezy and light now. Also, thank you for the pendant; I wear it whenever I leave the house. I'll be buying a pyramid from you soon!"  Aisha, Hawaii



OMG Peter! I just opened my package and...

"OMG Peter! I just opened my package and had to tell you how BEAUTIFUL the Plate and Pyramid are! Such craftmanship! I put the Pyramid on top of the Charging Plate and then placed them on my lap and did a mini-meditation and started tingling all over :)  Thank you so much for your awesome customer service and sharing your talent/gift with the world. Sending good energy your way."              Nedda, Castlegar, B.C.



I was in a store quite a distance from my house...

"Hi Peter!! I was in a store quite a distance from my house (the other side of the city) when I started thinking about the Divine Love Pyramids and I felt an extra rush of Love & Bliss energy come through the store. When I got home...there they were!! They have amazing energy!! I could feel them all that way away!! They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen" I can feel all the love you have put into them!! You are a master pyramid maker!! I can feel them adjusting the energy in my house (and beyond) and adding more love!! WOW is all I can say!! I love the pendant and the pocket puck as well. They are just perfect!!"  Ruth, Ontario



There's no such thing as coincidence!

"There's no such thing as coincidence! I"ve had my Abundance and Divine Love pyramids and my Om pendant for a full 7 days now. I had been struggling to forgive my soon-to-be ex, begging for the gift of divine love and forgiveness, and truly struggling. I had fallen into a pattern of awaking several times per night, negative thinking and fear for my financial future.

In just the last week, I'm actually dreaming again! My sleep is restful, and there's so much more peace in my home. I'm filled with joy! But--check this out! My last new client was in April before I got the Abundance pyramid. Since I"ve received it, I have 3 new clients! in ONE WEEK!!! That's pretty awesome. I've meditated with the pyramids on my 3rd and 6th chakras, and just watch the miracles flow in.

Thank you Peter. Oh, one more thing: my sweet little dog had been suffering from arthritic pain, and I"ve had to carry her up and down the stairs. This morning, she didn't wait for me! She actually RAN downstairs on her own. I"m truly grateful to have stumbled onto your site, and I want you to know that there are going to be LOTS more shipments of your beautiful orgone products to Alabama! "                  Marilyn, Alabama, USA



I received the pyramid and the necklaces

"I received the pyramid and the necklaces. They are amazing! I can't even explain it yet, because I have yet to really figure it out. I felt better right away putting on the necklace and my friend loved his as well. The pyramid is beyond gorgeous and while I didn't really feel anything at first, when I went to go to bed that night and it was on the nightstand, as soon as I closed my eyes, I connected to the energy immediately and all this energy started rushing into me. It is true to it's name, it is very grounding, so much so that I have to keep it in my room or else I will pretty much fall asleep at the dinner table lol. Anyway, like I said I haven't really been able to figure it all out yet, and it makes me very interested to see what the pucks will do, but I do know I love it, thank you!  Jaclyn, USA



I noticed huge effects...

" I noticed huge effects on my body almost immediately after unpacking the charging plate and copper pyramid. Each was strong alone but they got even stronger when I put the pyramid on the plate as you suggested. A few days later I met with my Qigong instructor and he said my solar plexus is extremely open now. According to him all my channels and chakras are open but they could be more open. My upper chakras are about gold ball size but my solar plexus is now volleyball size! "  TIm, Michigan, U.S.A.



Just letting you know...

" Just letting you know that the pyramid arrived today and I have to say it is stunning, I love it! Also I have to tell you that the energy coming from my pyramid is amazing and undeniable. I slept with the pyramid on my bedside table last night and I definitely felt it's vibration which started at the head and then engulfed my whole body. At first this felt a little overwhelming but I soon fell asleep and woke up feeling very relaxed and energized.

I also wanted to mention to you that I conducted my own little experiment with one of the pendants that you previously sent me. I placed it in a chair that my father often uses (without his knowledge as he is a major skeptic about everything) and to our amazement we have seen a big difference in him. He is much more relaxed and patient, he sleeps better (we also placed one under his pillow) and his snoring and minor symptoms of sleep apnea occur less frequently if at all. He also seems a lot more rested and no longer complains of fatique after a day at work, even if he comes home tired it soon subsides and he hardly ever falls asleep on the chair as he often used to do. Just thought you'd be interested in this as the difference in him is amazing and there is no placebo affect because he doesn't even know that he has been exposed to it.

Thanks again for the beautiful pyramid. All the best." Poppy, Victoria, Australia


I have been wearing your pendant...

" I have been wearing your pendant for two days now since I bought it and usually in my sleep I don't get much due to feeling like I'm astral traveling constantly and having bad and too lucid dreaming non-stop. But with your pendant truly I have never slept so soundly and no dreams, least I don't remember much of them and don't astral travel so that I wake up so exhausted either. It's wonderful and I pray it lasts. I also feel more happy when I wear it, and connected to God and Light, and can feel the energy flowing through my chakra when when it's against my skin. I also find that negative charged people tend not to bother me so much. All I can say is WOW! "  Diana Hliva, Artist,



I just got my package today...

"I just got my package today and WOW! You have an amazing talent! I love my new piece and have been trying to figure out where to 'house' it. For now it remains a centerpiece and will most likely gravitate around the house until it's place is found. Again, such beautiful craftsmanship and care was put into this pyramid and I turly appreciate your work. I will surely be ordering from you again in the future. Much thanks and be well!" S.  Minnesota, USA



The pyramid and pendants have arrived!

"Hi Peter. The pyramid and pendants have arrived! They are beautiful! The pyramid is unbelievable! I am so excited to give it to my friend. She is going to be blown away. So cool!" Melinda, Washington, USA

a few days later ... " My friend was blown away by the pyramid. She is a healer and is reporting all kinds of experiences with it. She is even sleeping with it. We are all enjoying our pendants, wearing them constantly. Thanks so much"



I have just received my pyramids

" I have just received my pyramids and pendants from Peter. I can feel the amazing energy from these pyramids. I have one by my bed and will be ordering more products so that I can have something in each of my rooms. I wear my pendant constantly and just have felt an overwhelming peace in myself and my living space. Peter you are a joy to know. I ordered the Abundance Pyramid for myself and it has the most wonderful fragrance from the essential oils used. I'm grateful I found your website Peter...isn't synchronicity wonderful. Thanks for your beautiful talent. Love and Light"  Donna, Kelowna, B.C.



Fifth Element Orgone Generators are very powerful tools.

" Fifth Element Orgone Generators are very powerful tools. They have assisted me with meditation and opened up my crown chakra allowing me to increase my connection to Divine Source. I have used a grid of 4 pyramids surrounding me when I meditate and they have not only cleared my cells but have somehow gotten me off of coffee!"   Joy Borthwick  Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author  Joy Hypnotherapy



Hi Peter...

Hi Peter... My pryamids arrived this morning and OMG!! They are even more stunning in real life!! Thank you so much for these beautiful gifts you have given to the world.       Tracie, Australia



Wanted to thank you for the pyramids.

Wanted to thank you for the pryamids. They have purified the energy field in my house. A shift has occurred in my thought processes. And my friends who've touched it are amazed with the "feel good" energy it emits. I really appreciate them!     Yaw,  Ontario



The Orgone Charging Plate in my healing practice

"In regards to how the plate was helping in my healing practice, I would like to let you know that many positive events are taking place around me and my clients. I charged my massage oil on it and so far the first 4 clients have felt so blissful during their treatment, and said it felt deep, and they exprienced out of body energy during and days after their bodywork. They went into a very deep meditative state for the very first time. They felt healing, calm, happiness, joy, and peace.

I had them each back for further grounding so they are rooted now. I now know that I have to spend more time helping to ground my clients more than ever before when I use the Orgone Charging Plate.

Energizing and Clearing my hands works like a charm and it's fast too. My studio frequency is sky high with love and healing."

Saurang McEwen, Lanark, Ontario, Canada. 613-257-4645


Just wanted to let you know....

"Just wanted to let you know that I got the pyramids and I love, love, love them. They are so beautiful. The photos on the web don't really do them justice. Thank you so much."

Janet Honolulu Hawaii


Peter's orgone creations are the most...

Peter's orgone creations are the most beautiful and powerful I have ever seen. The subtle energy that is contained within these pyramids can have a profound effect on those who come into contact with it. I have several pyramids at home and one in my office at work. My work environment is very stressful and the pyramid has helped to create a more calm and harmonious work space. In addition to the pyramids I also have some orgone pendants which I often wear at work or carry in my pocket. When I have them with me I feel more energized and have an increased awareness of my personal boundaries. I am also less susceptible to being drained energetically by others or allowing myself to get entangled in their issues. As a result, I am able to have more clarity and insight when working with clients and be more helpful to them. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who is interested in creating a healthier and happier living environment for themselves.               

Karen L Counsellor


In my line of work, I have heard many clients share their stories of success...

regarding Peter's Orgone generators. My confirmed study of energetic healing modalities led me to meditation with one of the generators. I found my field instantly alter, bringing me to a centered place of joy and stillness. As I also exercise healthy discernment, I felt it would be encouraging to see "the proof". Aura photos were taken, one before, and one during meditation with the generator. The aura photo with the generator clearly shows an opening of the Crown Chakra to cosmic source energy, and a noticeable increase in the Heart Chakra. I connect with this energy now on a regular basis, and find it highly beneficial to my meditation, and overall well being"

Candice Johnson - Utopia


I love my orgone generators...

and while I was working on my VibraScan today, I wore the pendant. Got some amazing "hits" while I was working. I believe the pendant connects the solar plexus (personal power) with the higher chakras and to our Source, and the connection to all......rather like plugging in to our Higher Self. Amazing."

Anita L.


I wear it daily. By wearing it at night I find ...

an enhancement of lucid dreaming and a clearing away of negative entities because your promoting a stronger chi flow. ...wearing it out in the daily environment, I can feel that it created a bubble of Chi around you that keeps the negative Chi away from you, like a force field, and helping to neutralize negative energies and those not conducive to your well being..... I can feel it creating a positive field around me."
Marc S. Taoist Internal Alchemy Practitioner 18 years, Vajrayana Buddhism Practitioner 11 years, Chi-Kung Teacher


Your pendant is such a wonderful gift...

I highly recommend to everyone who has an open heart and an open mind to experience the being at one with the universe. I love to wear my pendant. I feel so grounded and have such a warm peaceful energy flow. Love & Light"

Sue H. Reiki Master / Matrix Energy Healing.


I just bought one of your pendants and I have to say...

the instant I put it on I just felt like it was shifted my entire being, and I am a highly, highly sensitive being. Thank you so much."

Zale R. Reiki Practitioner Vancouver, B.C.


I wanted to tell you that as soon as I arrived at your website...

I could feel the changes in my body and my energy field immediately and could feel blocks opening up.  I'm not sure if its the energy of the site or the image of the pyramid on the homepage.  I first felt a clearing in my third chakra then I became tingly all over and my entire body was vibrating and could feel the heavy energy lifting from my entire body.  The last several days have been especially difficult for me and I could feel the clearing just from your homepage!  When I viewed the small image of the fractal pyramid, before I even read anything about it or clicked on it, I could feel an energy moving through my heart chakra.  So thank you and I'm very excited to receive the pyramid!"

Vanessa Riyasat  The Crystal Lotus Healing Center


I just wanted to let you know...

that I picked up my blue pyramid at the Post Office yesterday. Just fantastic! it looks even better "live" than on your site and your pictures are darn good. Right now it's humming away at home while I'm at work. Thank you very much and keep up the good work."

Raymond, Montreal


Just thought I'd drop you a line...

and let you know how much I appreciate your Orgone creation. It has worked wonders for my life. I have a new job, got rid of an extremely "negative" boyfriend and am really at peace with my life. I meditate daily with the pyramid by my side and it really energizes my spirit"

S.J. Vancouver B.C.


Peter,I am so grateful for your incredible works of art!...

The pyramid orgones are just WOW! I have been working with the orgones while I facilitate healing sessions with my clients, and the healings have been deeper and more profound for every single one of them! Each Orgone has it's own unique energy! On a personal level, I have been feeling more energy and am in a constant state of joy!  I have also just started doing manifestation work with the Orgones, and strongly feel that they are holding a strong space to assist in bringing them into fruition! What a gift you are for creating such treasures, and I look forward to updating you on even more amazing things to come! Thank you!!!"
Emmanuel     Magnified Manifesting


A Chi-Kung Teacher & Taoist Internal Alchemist...

" I could feel a linking directly to the Angelic Kingdom. I can clearly feel the Universal Chi being channelled into my crown point..... a linking directly to the Archangel Metatron, to facilitate communion...." ( in reference to Metatrons Cube  Pyramid )

" activating and clearing power when placed on various chakras"

"... I could see that there was a clear field when place around EMF. A real clear flow of energy there, so it was definitely neutralizing the negative effect of EMF Fields."

" ... amplifying the Chi you can draw into your body, so I can definitely recommend it for Chi-Kung teachers, or other healing art practitioners. It will promote a stronger chi flow and a clearing of the environment."

"...anyone using hands for healing work, this position will clear stagnant energy and any clinging sick residual energy from your patients, and will open up all the energy points to be receivers and conduits for advanced Chi flow" ( in reference to meditating with a pyramid in each hand )

"...I feel a massive Chi flow coming down...a column of energy being drawn down and also from the earth, drawing up earth Chi."  ( in reference to holding pyramids, placed base to base to form an Octahedron )

" Without a doubt, the longer you hold them, you will be clearing the blockages in your energy meridians. Your drawing in such a clear force of Chi that it is actually pushing through and eliminating blocks. Definitely there is a smooth activation and clearing of the energy centers"

" I wear it daily. By wearing it at night I find an enhancement of lucid dreaming and a clearing away of negative entities because your promoting a stronger chi flow. ...wearing it out in the daily environment, I can feel that it created a bubble of Chi around you that keeps the negative Chi away from you, like a force field, and helping to neutralize negative energies and those not conducive to your well being..... I can feel it creating a positive field around me." ( in reference to the pendants)

"I would recommend you get one and see for yourself. This is totally unbiased, from my heart, these abilities I know to be a matter of fact"

Marc S.  Taoist Internal Alchemy Practitioner 18 years, Vajrayana Buddhism Practitioner 11 years, Chi-Kung Teacher
( Marc has graciously offered to answer any questions you might have.  Email me and I'll forward your questions to him.)


Felt the ocean and...

such a pure heavenly Intent emanting from every Orgone I held" 

Mandy G.  Vancouver, B.C.


I gifted to a friend of mine a Power Puck...

which she gave to her friend Jessica who was having EMF problems because of a power transformer near her apartment.  Jessica had buried the Puck by a tree outside her apartment, and sent back these photos and commentary.


orbs from orgone


I had gone away for a quick trip to Santa Barbara. Upon returning...

and walking into the house it seemed very clear. Thinking it was just an appreciation to be home, I preceeded to my bedroom to put away my luggage. I was startled to find the air extremely clear and a different color. Still didn't connect the dots... Later I started to open my mail that my son had placed on my desk. The small box had been sitting there for a few days with  the Pyramid doing its work. It's beautiful!"

Alexandra Z


I bought your basic blue model from Utopia in North Vancouver...

I have been going through "interesting" times as they say, and these have effected the atmosphere in my home quite profoundly. Within a few hours there was a lightness and airiness in my place that's been missing for quite a while. Then I took it into my bedroom, where I haven't been able to sleep for several months, and I slept like a log. So thank you!"

Beth L


I have many different orgonite pieces and also many other energy devices...

in my truck. I drive an 18 wheeler and literally live in it. I got some pyramids from Peter at Fifth Element Orgone. I am used to a lot of energy and of course I got 4 of his pyramids at once so i did notice an immediate increase in the energy. But what freaked me out is when I noticed that the chemtrails were cleared like crazy. I would clear them before, but it took a long time, several hours. Even though I never intended to work in them but when i got the pyramids from Peter I saw that it cleared the skies like crazy. I saw that if I sit in a place overnite it seems to make a field around me and it will travel with me and the skies seem to clear as I drive along at highway speeds.. it is really amazing."

Ray T. U.S.A.


You asked how we found the pyramids worked, they were great...

We do our Reiki in a church so there is lots of energy anyway, but with the two pyramids it was out of this world. We both got a name for ours and there was spirit in and out all day. We found it to be a very peaceful energy."
Linda E & Shirley H,   Reiki Practitioners,  Barriere, B.C.


Holy c***, this is pretty strong! Like there is this pulsing...

a vibrating light inside, pulsating up and down my body. Laser lights that are continuous. It is aligning me.   (in regards to the Clearing Grounding pyramid) 

Silvia     Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Vancouver, B.C.


I have 2 Orgone Pyramids that help me to release negative emotional debris...

from my clients and also my own auric field. All I have to do is hold the pyramid and I can feel the blockages releasing from my arms and shoulder area. This helps keep me clear before and after sessions. Also, during the session, I keep the pyramids under the massage table and under the client's chair to help release any emotional energy blockages while their treatment is taking place. These are very powerful tools for any practitioner in the healing field and/or anyone interested in helping themselves keep clear. Thank you Peter, for making the pyramids and Orgone necklaces available for us to us. 

Grace Talson  Reiki Master - Teacher, Theta Healing, Huna  Moving Forward With Grace Coquitlam, B.C.


My friend Kaye Jansen recently had some aura photos taken...

and she took along one of my pyramids. Here are the results.

"As a clairovyant Energy Healer / Teacher for 18 years, I started to integrate Peter's Pyramids into my work, balancing negative / geopathic stresses in clients homes. As an avid dowser I found the Pyramids energy expanded 47ft outwards. I recently had the chance to have aura reading / pictures of these pyramids and it changed me, raising my consciousness even higher in seconds.  I was holding the pyramid near the Throat Chakra and it cleared and raised my Aura. The pictures will show the range of colors to show these changes. My Aura before is yellow/blue, and the Pyramid changes it immediately to all blue higher consciousness.  It went even higher vibration by placing it on top of the head.  These pyramids cleanse, clear and raise to more positive energy, where some products only cleanse and or change energy a few feet in the room space. "    Kaye Jansen (formerly Kristina Nielsen) Clear Your Path Dynamics

orgone and human aura


The Sacred Geometry Pyramid has a delicate yet constant strength-of-energy...

like a photon beam. Easy to be around all the time and nurturing at a core level. A sustainable energy is emitted from this pyramid" 

Cathy W.   Angel Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist  Qualicum Beach, B.C.


Ever since being with the Love Pyramid, I have noticed...

a feeling of well-being emanating out from my heart..sending waves of harmony and love to those in my vicinity. I sense a tenderness and sweetness around me and even my dogs seem calmer and more loving. I believe that with the right intention, this pyramid has the power to heal the human heart's experience of loneliness and separation and help us live in the Unity Field with ease and Grace. I intend to use it with the clients in my healing practice and especially with couples who desire a more harmonious relationship. Thank you Peter for creating a powerful and effective healing tool for the planet." 
Julia King   Angel Therapy Practitioner tm, Certified Medium, BA Honours Psychology,  Diamond Divinity Healing


A friend brought her piece over a couple of weeks ago...

for a reiki exchange and it was amazing to work with. We put it under the table and the energy was noticeably different. I think every reiki practitioner should have one!!!!"
Karen D.  New Westminster, B.C.


As soon as I picked it up the energy was amazing...

I had a hard time putting it down. I love the feeling I get when I am holding it and I find that I sleep better when I place it under my bed."

Sarah M. Vancouver, B.C.


Thank you so much, the colors are gorgeous...

and I have it where I can admire it and look at it most of the time.   You are so talented!!!!!!  Many thanks again"

Florence, White Rock, B.C.


From the moment I received the Orgone transmitter into my hands...

it began communicating with me, sending waves of great love, light, peace, joy, courage and friendship. It knew exactly what was needed at an especially important time in my life. It appears to have a consciousness that spoke immediately, directly and only to my heart consciousness, although it did charge both Crown and Sacral Chakras. What a delightful feeling it brought me! ! A very empowering gift for us all.
Thank you.”  Leah, Vancouver, B.C.


The first time I saw one of Peter's pyramids I felt immediately connected to it....

It was emitting energy like a lighthouse beacon. Holding it, I felt a grounding charge run through my body, increasing my sense of the earth's deep embrace. It is a fine balancer. While treating clients I place the orgone pyramid beneath my healing table, and use it to clear chaotic energy from a room. Simply focusing on the shape and content of one of these pyramids serves to mentally and energetically realign me."

Christine Buckham.  CIEHT, CRP  Pacha Luna Integrative Healing, North Vancouver, B.C.


I told him about the one I have from you and how powerful it is...

I have it in my healing room and it provides me with incredible energy when I'm sending out distant healing, also when I do Reiki. I just love it."

Sue H.   White Rock, B.C.


Using and Testing the Orgone

We have been testing and practically using Peter's Orgone as we call it, for a number of months now.  As experienced dowsers (geopathic stress advisors) we are namely concerned about earth energies and their negative influence on home dwellers. We are delighted to confirm the claim that the Orgon is a very effective device in the case of geopathic pollution, in specific cases.  If the Orgon is placed directly in the middle of the width of a specific negative geopathic stress zone, it provides a pocket of harmonized environment, protecting people, plants and animals against the detrimental exposure to these negative earth energies."

Vlasty Senovsky Geopathic Consulting.  West Vancouver, B.C.


Wow what a gift from the universe!...

When I hold the Orgone device against any of my energy points I can immediately feel it sweeping through me and clearing out all the stress of the day! It also seems to adapt to each person who holds it on an individual basis. I have also found that it has greatly enhanced my Reiki practice by placing it under my Reiki table while I am working on a client. I have also used it placed at the end of my bed when I have been having bad dreams and it has helped immensely. I definitely need one of these wonderful devices for everywhere I go!”   Bev  W.  Vancouver, B.C.


Peter's orgone generators are of exceptional quality...

I have lived and  worked with OGs for many years and am convinced they have enhanced my  overall well being. There is something very special about the OGs that are crafted by Peter that comes through his integrity, devotion and intent.  It has been a blessing to have them around and I have noticed a certain improvement in my quality of life.” 

Christine Paton . Stonehavengems Vancouver, B.C.