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$20 Only!
Orgone Power Pucks
Orgone Power Pucks Orgone Power Pucks Orgone Power Pucks

Orgone Power Pucks
Orgone Power Pucks

Price: CAD $20

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The Orgone Power Pucks were created with the Intent of you being able to create a bubble of protection around your living space. Simply place one in each corner of your home or apartment, and if you have a yard you can bury them in the 4 corners of your property. When they are buried the Energy Field created is exponentially stronger. They will create an Energetic Grid to balance and harmonize the Energy in your living environment. You can imagine them as “pushing away” any negative frequencies.

You can put crystals on top of the Power Pucks to enhance the effect, such as Apophyllite Garnets, or Amethyst. You can even try coating them with an Essential Oil blend. They will then also vibrate with those frequencies
Power Pucks can also be used for gifting, which is a way to clear away Negative Energies by burying them in areas you feel could use some help. These are wonderful tools for healing our environment.

There are also great for putting in the four corners of your garden to enhance plant growth
I"m told by my customers that they work well for clearing out EMF pollution. Place one beside your computer, in front of your computer monitor, or Television set. You can even bury them under nearby Power Transformers and Cell phone Towers to help neutralize negative fields.

One of my customers called them her "Yard Guard". She had buried one in each of the four corners of her property. The concept is that the higher frequency energy fields created by the Orgone device are repelling to those of lower frequencies. So by burying them around your property you would create a dome, or as my friend called it, a Cosmic Shield, that would keep away negative people.

For Negative Energy Vortexes, simply place one of top to clear it.

For healing you can try placing them against your body and Intending the Energy to heal.


There is a Double Terminated Quartz in the center of the puck, as well as a copper spiral to channel the energy upwards. They have layers of Copper and Brass plus Titanium.


The Orgone Power Pucks contain the following crystals: Amethyst, Rutilated Quartz, Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Black Kyanite, Black Onyx, Sodalite, Serpentine, Red Jasper, Black Toumaline, Magnetite, Hematite, Pyrite, Shungite and Selenite.


For EMF protection:

Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Blue Sodalite
For Grounding:

Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite
For Clearing:

Blue Kyanite, Black Kyanite, Selenite
and for the rest of the crystals please check the FAQ page for a more detailed description

All Pyramids are made here in Vancouver, BC, Canada


The Power Pucks are $20 Canadian which is about $16 US, $14 Euros

And Free shipping in North America when you buy a set of 4


For Europe, Australia, and Asia, I will cover part of the shipping costs



What customers have said:

"The pucks turned up today and they look awesome! I've postitioned them around the house and it feels like the place has a different vibe already." Simon, Australia

" Hi Peter! Thank you for the beautiful products. I was surprised at how pretty and intricate the power pucks really are! I was expecting a run-of-the-mill orgone "muffin" loaded with metal shavings. I ordered one of each color and placed them in the corners of my house according to their feng shui colors, and I have to say the energies in my house are so breezy and light now. Also, thank you for the pendant; I wear it whenever I leave the house. I'll be buying a pyramid from you soon!"  Aisha, Hawaii

Hello, my order arrived yesterday OMGoodness! I handn't taken them out of the wrapper and could feel the energy. The blue pucks are simply gorgeous!!!!! Blessings

Your devices seem very effective at deflecting negative energy but also attracting positive.

None of the other organite I have tried seemed to work at all so I”ve very pleased.  I wouldn’t mind getting a few more pucks. - Brenda.