FAQ's - Frequently asked questions

Where does the word Orgone originate?

Orgone was a term first used by the scientist Wilhelm Reich to identify Life Energy. Through his research on purifying energy fields, he discovered that by layering organic and inorganic matter, Life Force Energy could be cleaned, condensed, and magnified. This form of Energy is known by various cultures as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, or Life Force. He created devices to harness this Energy to cure illnesses and modify weather. Wilhelm Reich was considered to be one of the greatest natural scientists of the 20th century. For more information check out the Wilhelm Reich Museum website.

How does an Orgone Pyramid work?

Through my research and experiences, I feel there are three aspects that contribute to the Orgone effectiveness.

The foundation of Orgone Technology is in the layering of organic and inorganic matter. The concept is that organic matter absorbs Life Energy, and inorganic matter (metals) not only absorbs Life Energy, but immediately sends it out in all directions. So when you combine these two elements, a type of "scrubbing" action takes place. Imagine Life Energy being pulled into the Orgone device and then reflected out by the metalic layers, then immediately reabsorbed and reflected out again and again. This back and forth action is said to "clean" Energy, perhaps by realligning it's structure.

The second aspect involves the Crystals. When resin cures and hardens it contracts, thereby squeezing the crystals embedded in it. This pressure creates a piezo electric effect, generating an electical charge or voltage on its surface. This is the concept behind using quartz crystals to power watches. It's been said that when crystals are squeezed in this manner that their inherent properties are magnified..

The third, and I believe most important element behind the abilities of an Orgone device is the Spiritual component. When I first started making Orgone Pyramids I was told by the people I shared them with that they felt Angelic Energies, and some could in fact see Angelic beings working with each Pyramid. I was told that when I make Orgone, these Angelic Beings were working through me, that I was a clear channel for them to put "Source Energy" into each Pyramid. At first I didn't believe this was happening. But once this website was put up I started receiving emails and calls from people saying that they felt Angelic Energies from the pictures of the pyramids on my site. Up to this point I never mentioned anything on this site about Angelic Beings or Spiritual Technology. So as more people I'd never met shared their insights with me, I became more open to the idea that this was happening. How people were able to tap into the pictures reminded me of some of the core concepts in Quantum Physics. A picture is said to hold the objects "Quantum Signature", and that there is actually no distance between anything, which is called Non Locality, We are all part of a Unified Field of Energy. So when someone who is energetically sensitive sees the photo, they can "tap into it" directly. Another reason I feel this Spiritual Technology is somehow real is because of the feedback I've received about my products. I've had friends and strangers alike tell me that my Pyramids are the most energetically clear and powerful Orgone they have ever felt. So there must be something in the creation process that accounts for this.

What can Orgone Pyramids do for me?

Orgone products can help you on many levels: Environmental, Personal, and Spiritual.

On an Environmental level, it has the ability to instantly transform any negative, stagnant or “dead” orgone (chi, life force energy) into its “positive” life-sustaining form. It will absorb all negative unbalanced energy that may be in, or come into your space, and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment. A friend described it to me as like having a Cosmic Energy Shield around your living space. It will help keep the energy in your home flowing, positive and clean. By being in this field of positive life energy, a person is said to experience a sense of well being, greater peace, and is supported in their goals of personal and spiritual growth.

The concept is that "negative" energies stress your personal energy field, causing you to feel stress on an unconsciousl level. Once these "negative" energies are transformed into "postitive" enegy, then that stressor is gone and you will have more peace in your life. These "negative" energies are said to be created by cell phones/cell phone towers, electromagnetic fields, and people. The term used to describe "dead" life energy is DOR (Dead Orgone). So having one in your home is a way to keep your place healthy.

On a Personal and Spiritual level, the Pyramid will interact with your Energy Body, working directly on your Meridians and Chakras, clearing out blockages, and magnifying your Vital Life Force. This has been shown through experiments using muscle testing, dowsing, aura pictures, and with the help of psychic and energetically sensitive people. Plus there are many testimonials from people experiencing these benefits. So when your Energy Meridians and Chakras are clear, and your Vital Life Force is increased, you will experience benefits in all areas of physical health and spiritual development.

I have some ideas on one aspect of how this might be happening. I've read that the way mediums and channelers work is by raising their frequency, and the Beings on the other side lower theirs in order to meet in the middle. If the Pyramid raises your frequency and that of the room your in, then perhaps it allows your Guides and Angels to more easily access this realm and "work" on you, helping you to evolve. I'm also wondering if maybe the Beings helping us is actually our "Higher Self". Or maybe it is the Spirtual Technology and / or crystals at work. In any event I've had friends tell me once they received their pyramid, they started focusing more on their Spiritual practices. Others told me they received really important insights into different aspects of their life, both personal and professional.

Everyday Uses of Orgone Pyramid

Place your Orgone Pyramid in your living spaces; where you work, sleep, and live. It will keep the energy clean and healthy. We have found that they are most effective when one flat side is facing magnetic north. Although it still has a measurable effect up to 25 feet away, by placing them within 3 feet of yourself, you will experience optimal benefit. Occasionally place them in direct sunlight. This makes them many times stronger. I've been told they radiate more "light".

To Create a Restful Sleep

Place a Pyramid in your bedroom, either beside or under your bed. People have reported having a very peaceful sleep, free of nightmares, and vivid dreams. For a very few though it's taken a bit of time for their bodies to adjust to the higher vibration. Also I've been told if you place a Pyramid directly underneath you when they sleep, you'll awaken with more Vital energy. The Pyramid sends out a laser beam of energy out the top which interacts with your Energy body.

Create a Calm and Peaceful Environment

If your work place is chaotic or very stressfull, placing a Pyramid there will help create more peace and tranquility. The Orgone will create a field of harmony by transforming any negative energy that may be present into positive energy. It helps clear the negative vibrations within a room and move the energy to a higher vibrational level. This will remove the stressors on people, which can operate on an unconscious level. So the removal of unconscious stress translates into more harmonious relations.

Energize your Food, Water and Supplements

You can place herbal teas on the tip of the Orgone generator, and the potency will be increased. You can also place rings or bracelets on the Pyramids to charged them with high frequency energy..
There seems to be a laser beam of energy coming out from the top of the device. By placing a glass of water above the Pyramid, you can charge it. When doing this play with the concept of imbuing the water with certain properties using your Intent.
They also have a beneficial effect on plants due to the increased life energy created by the device.

Protect yourself from Electromagnetic Fields

Place a Pyramid or the Power Pucks by your Television, or Computer to help neutralize the negative effects of EMF. I’ve had a number of people tell me they feel a lot better around EMF when a Pyramid is present, or if they are wearing a pendant. I had a call recently from one of my customers in Newfoundland. She had someone come into her home to check the EMF levels. She told me that whenever the Pyramid was in the room, the instruments were calm. Once it was removed the instruments went crazy, signifying that EMF levels were elevated. You can also bury Power Pucks near power transformers or cell phone towers. Just program it beforehand to clear out negative frequencies.

Relieve Mental and Physical Stress

Simply holding the Pyramid will create an effect in you body as the high frequency energy moves through you. I’ve had so many reports from people using these Pyramids that it is as if all the negative energy from the people they had to deal with during the day immediately lifted off of them. And others tell me they feel their muscles relaxing just form holding the PyramidFor physical healings, just being in the presence of the Orgone Pyramid is very helpful. It is projecting out a high frequency of positive energy, which is very healing to the physical body. Use your Intent to guide it where you desire. I’ve found the Orgone Pyramid seems to have an innate intelligence, and seems to “know” what each person needs.

Physical Healing

Just being in the presence of the Orgone Pyramid is very helpful. It is projecting out a high frequency of positive energy, which is very healing to the physical body. Use your Intent to guide it where you desire. I’ve found the Orgone Pyramid seems to have an innate intelligence, and seems to “know” what each person needs.

Remove Negative Energy Vortexes

You can clear your home and workplace of negative energy vortexes by simply placing a Pyramid or Puck directly on top. It will vanish. If you’re a Dowser you can experiment with these devices in dealing with different types of Geopathic Zones.

Heal the Environment

All over the world there is a movement called Gifting, where people are taking Orgone products and burying them in places that need energetic cleaning and higher vibrations. From government buildings, graveyards, cell phone towers, by power lines, transformers, to lakes, rivers and streams. Anywhere they feel there is a need to cleanse the energies and help the environment they will bury the Pucks and Pyramids.

Orgone for Energy Healing Practitioners.

If you are a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, or follow any Energetic Healing Modality, these Pyramids will help your practice tremendously. Simply having them in the room provides a balanced, energetically clear environment to work in. Place it under the chair or massage table and your client will respond more effectively to your treatments. You can also place it on their Chakras to help clear blockages and activate them. Just follow your intuition and guidance. Many Reiki Masters have told me it dramatically speeds up the healing process and their clients feel major work being done. Being in a higher vibrational field will allow easier access to the help of Guides, Angelic Beings and your and your clients Higher Self. Before treatments you can place your hand Chakras over the tip of the Pyramid to help clear, activate and charge them. After the treatment you can do the same to help clear out any residual negative energies you may have picked up.

Consider these spiritual tools that you can use your creativity to work with. For example, when I moved into my new place, a friend of mine who is a Reiki Master offered to grid the walls with Reiki Symbols. I offered her a Pyramid and asked that she try holding it in the hand she was using to energetically draw the symbols. She said the Symbols went through the wall and down the block! So play with these devices. The only limit is your imagination.

Orgone for Spiritual Growth.

Enhance Meditation

Holding an Orgone Pyramid while you meditate has a number of beneficial effects. It will will clear your auric field of any low vibrations and negative influences, creating more peace. It's been said to relieve fatigue and mental stress. It will also center and balance your energy. You are then more easily able to become centered and present.

Raise Your Consciousness Level

Orgone Pyramids will raise the vibration and frequency of your energy field. It will bring in high spiritual frequencies that will hasten your spiritual growth. Simply holding the Pyramid will raise your consciousness level. You can hold a pyramid in various positions, either with the apex up or facing down. Try meditating while holding two pyramids base to base to form an Octohedron. I've been told by the people I've shared this idea with that they received incredible amount of energy through their crown and sacral chakras. Others felt an incredible increase in awareness. Quite a few psychics have told me their consciousness dramatically expands when they tap into the Pyramid.There are crystals in the Pyramid to help ground you to the Earth Plane while exploring these higher states of awareness.

Clear Energetic Blocks

While holding the Pyramid people have felt high frequency energies running through their meridian system, resulting in blockages being released. I’ve been told they feel their Chakras becoming unblocked and energized. It will do these things automatically, but you can also direct the energy where you like through your Intent, telling it what you would like the energy to be doing..

Emotional Healings

People have received emotional healings from holding the pyramid and asking for a healing. Imagine the Pyramid has a consciousness that you can interact with. Hold it to your Heart Center and use your Intent.
It seems the Pyramid may be absorbing the emotional charge and neutralize them. This is important because alot of your energy can be trapped in your body from past issues. By clearing them all this life energy comes back to the present time for you to use.

Experimental Spiritual Tool

I've been told of experiments in telepathy,distance healing, channeling etc. It may help to imagine you have access to a life force generator, which is producing energy that you can integrate with using Intent. You can place yantras, glyphs, healing runes, and sacred geometric images underneath a Pyramid, which will magnify the symbols energetic properties. Be creative, use your intuition and intent as you work with these powerful devices.


In regards to 2012, it seems to be all about a shift in human awareness and consciousness.
From the various books I’ve read, to the talks given by Mayan Elders, it is recommended for everyone to raise their personal vibration and that of their immediate environment. This is so that when the shift occurs, the consciousness of humanity and the Earth will be in the positive polarity instead of the negative. I believe that Orgone products are here to help this important process. I’ve been told by many psychics and channelers that one of the main purposes of the Pyramids is to raise the frequency of the Earth Grid because it is being artificially suppressed. They tell me that Angelic Beings from Higher Realms are using them to bring into our plane high frequency Spiritual Energies to help with our transition to the New Earth.

World Healing Meditation

There are a lot of people now involved with the Global Mediation Movement. This is where people all over the world meditate at exactly the same time in an attempt to link up their fields of consciousness and make them exponentially stronger. Since the Pyramid generates so much energy, if you link with it while doing these meditations, you will dramatically increase your ability to project Love Harmony and Joy into the collective field of Humanity.

Can I feel this Orgone energy?

I've found that people who are sensitive to subtle energies are able to feel the various energetic affects of an Orgone Pyramid. They feel their energy channels or acupuncture points light up, or their chakras dramatically expand. Others feel a cleaning of their auric field, and experience a sensation of peace and centeredness. And there are people who don't really feel the effects of the Pyramid, but are strongly drawn to them, which may mean they are registering the effects on an unconscious level. Simply working with them over time should awaken your sensitivity.

What are they made of?

Fifth Element Orgone Products are individually handcrafted with a mixture of crystals, metals and polyester resins. These unique and powerful devices are created using Intent, Love and Prayer.

The Pyramids are about 4 1/2 inches wide and 3 1/4 inches tall.

The organic matter used is polyester resin.The inorganic matter is various combinations of brass, copper, pyrite and titanium. The addition of titanium greatly magnifies the power of the orgone matrix.
A copper spiral is used to channel the energy upwards into the apex of the pyramid.

Various combinations of crystals are used in the making of an Orgone Pyramid. At the apex can be either a double-terminated quartz, amethyst or citrine point, or a blue or black kyanite blade.

Can I program my Orgone Pyramid?

If you are interested in programming your Fifth Element Orgone Pyramid, it is easy to do. Simply “ask” it to perform some function for you. Hold the pyramid in both hands in front of your Solar Plexus or Heart Chakra, or do whatever feels right for you. Note: if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator don’t put it over your Heart or Throat Chakra.

Your first program request should be that the Orgone Pyramid work in harmony with your energy. Just ask, use your intent, visualize, and send an image of your desire with you in the picture as if it is occurring now. Even easier, you can write your desire and place it underneath the Orgone device.

Types of Crystals used in Fifth Element Orgone Products.

Amethyst: Encourages inner peace, spiritual protection and purification, clears energy field.

Aventurine: Activates, clears and protects the heart, helps one to attract love.

Black Kyanite: Clears blocked energies, grounding and energizing, accesses past lives.

Black Tourmaline: Clears the chakras, encourages confidence, increases success and love.

Bloodstone: Removes blocks, reduces emotional & physical stress, strengthens root chakra.

Blue Calcite: Stimulates psychic abilities, soothes emotional body, stimulates dreams.

Blue Kyanite: Removes unwanted energies, has a high vibration, opens psychic channels.

Blue Lace Agate: Soothes emotions, aids communication, expands consciousness.

Bornite: (Peacock Ore): One of the strongest healing stones, see and accept Joy.

Carnelion: Activates lower chakras, brings in life force energies, more passion in life.

Citrine: Attracts wealth, clarity of thought, enhance creativity.

Clear Quartz: Energy amplifier, can be programmed with your Intent, spiritual awareness.

Emerald: Opens heart chakra, open self to Love, brings in harmony, enhances dreams.

Garnet: Health, prosperity and productivity, attracts love, strengthens physical & emotional body.

Green Aventurine: Clears and helps open the heart chakra, release fears & anxiety, luck.

Green Calcite: Emotional balance, releases stress from heart, attunes self to Nature.

Hematite: Grounding, balances auric field, aligns chakras, keeps you focused, overcome blocks.

Jade: Abundance, promotes flow of money, harmony, promotes longevity, heals scarcity.

Kunzite: Opens heart to the energies of Love, activates Heart Chakra.

Lepidolite: Activates 4th - 7th chakra, calms & balanced mental & emotional body.

Lapis: Strengthens awareness and ESP, creativity, helps open your full potential.

Magnetite: Powerful grounder of any energy, draws negativity out of the body, it is energizing.

Moonstone: Intuition, open to guidance from higher beings, connect with energy of the Moon.

Obsidian: Grounding, absorbs negativity and  pulls out old enegy patterns.

Peridot: Strong ability to manifest what you desire: health, joy, wealth, opens you to receive.

Pyrite: Grounding, increases vitality, creates harmony, connect with energy of the Earth.

Quartz: Programmable, supports all chakras, healing & releasing, enhances life force.

Rainbow Obsidian: Helps release old loves, releases hooks in the heart.

Red Jasper: Strengthens root chakra, increases your life force, activates sexual energy.

Rhodonite: Activates and energizes the heart chakra.

Rose Quartz: Attracts Love, heals emotional wounds, dissolves blockages to Love.

Tigers Eye: Calming, psychic protector, release fear, aids intuition, attracts abundance.

Smoky Quartz: Grounding, protective, aids meditation, relieve depression and tension.

Sodalite: Helps one stay focused in the Now,  provides insight into Self, aids deep meditation.

Snow Quartz: Harmonizes human energy with universal.

Sunstone: Able to clear and energize the chakras. dispels fear, protection from negative forces.

Selenite: Spiritual activation, communion with Higher Self, Guides and Angels.

Shungite: Healing stone, protection from emf and radiation.

How do I pick the right pryamid?

The best way to find out which is the right pyramid for you is to ask for Divine Guidance.
An easy way to do this is to simply relax into a present moment, meditative state of awareness and then ask your Higher Self "which is the right one for me".
Then go through the photos of the pyramids and see/feel which one resonates with you the best.
This can be an energetic feeling, a "knowing" or simply the one you find most attractive.

I've had some of my friends use Reiki Masters, Psychics, Energy Healers or Muscle Testing to find the right ones. They would hold each pyramid and their friends would tell them how far their energy field expanded, or by muscle testing, whether they tested strongest on. You could even print up a picture of the pyramid and hold it over your Solar Plexus and conduct tests this way. Something I'd like to bring up is the concept of "giving away your power" This is when we ask others about information about us. In the past I would ask the advice of my Psychic and Metaphysically trained friends, thinking they had an insight into things that I lacked. I realized though that I have access to all the information I would ever need. I just had to trust my Self, the Universe and be open. Soon I had reawakend my own internal knowing. It is very subtle, but I've learnt to trust it. It's like the knowing that comes from the Heart vs the Head. Whenever I trusted my Heart, things went well. Once my conscious mind got involved, things didn't flow so well.So try seeking your own council. You may be surprised what you find.

What size are the pyramids?

The pyramids are 4 1/2 inches wide at the base and 3 3/4 inches tall. I consider these to be the perfect size for Orgone pyramids. They are light enough that you can hold them comfortably while meditating as well as resting on your chakra points. If they were taller or heavier I feel they would be too unwieldy. The other reason they're the perfect size is because of the way I found them. When I decided to start making orgone products, I knew the pryamid shape was the way to go. I spent a few days driving all over the vancouver lower mainland area in search of a supplier of pyramid molds, but I couldn't find any. I thought I would have to commission a steel fabricator to make some custom ones for me. But the next day I met up with a friend who is a medium and over lunch told her my predicament. So she said " I'll just ask my Guides". After about 30 seconds she told me her Guides said that I needed to walk up the street to 4th Ave, take a left and on that block there will be a place to buy the molds. So I walked up the street, went into a few stores on that block, and sure enough on the back wall, low on a shelf I found a stack of stainless steel pyramid molds. So I took this to be Divine Intervention, and that these where the molds I needed to use.

Do you have any advice on making Orgone?

When I first started to make Orgone Pyramids, virtually all of my friends who were psychics, mediums, channelers had the same message for me: Protection, Protection, Protection! The Higher Beings / Angels / Guides they worked with instructed them to tell me how important it was to Protect the Orgone work and myself. Different people had different suggestions, which I began incorporating during the first few years of production.I'd like to share a few of the things I do as you might find them usefull to incorporate into your orgone production process, or for your healing practices.

Before I start any production run. I first anchor in a state of Peace, and merge with the field of the Present Moment. Most people don't realize but being in the Present Moment creates a very high frequency field. I use to think that one had to practice Qigong, or western types of energy work in order to develop a higher vibrational field. But just being in the moment will open you to that. It is important to be "clear" when making orgone as it seems that your emotional state can become absorbed by the orgone matrix. Now what I'm sharing here is based on my personal experiences being involved with orgone, so feel free to believe it or not. I've had numerous people tell me about other peoples orgone's, and what they felt from them, and alot of it wasn't so great. It's like Masuro Emoto's book Messages in Water concept, that whatever state of mind / consciousness your in, will be transfered over to your work. This applies to preparing food as well, which is why it's a good idea to bless your food whenever you eat out. So by being Present, and coming from a place of Love, your end product will be so much better. There are alot of great teachings available on being Present, not only through books, but from youtube videos as well. Find what teacher/teachings resonate with you. Some of my favorites are the works of Vernon Howard and Guy Finley, and more recently Mooji, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Stephen Wolinsky, David Hawkins and Bashar.

The second step I do is connect with the Creative Energy of the Universe/God, and bring that High Frequency Field into my work area, like a massive column of light. Then I call in 4 Archangels, one for each direction. and ask them to protect the Orgone, and to put in whatever Spiritual Technology they deem appropriate for mankind and the planet. Then I call in a number of specific Arch Angels, and Angelic Beings, as well as Ascended Masters, There are certain things I ask from each. Then I call in the Earth Elementals to protect the area from Geopathic Zones, Vortexes etc. I also call in the energy of Anastasia and imagine my work area is in the middle of the Ringing Cedars forest. Then I also imagine large amethyst and quartz crystals surrounding the work area as well. Now this whole process developed over many years, as I met different people and began incorporating their advice, so I'm not going to go into details of what I do, as this is all specific to my work. But for whatever work or practice that you are doing, you may be surprised what happens when you ask for Divine help.

There is a second aspect to Protection, and that is your physical body. When working with Polyester or Epoxy resins you must do it outside in a well ventilated area, and use fans to help air out your work area. When catalyst is applied to resin to start the curing/hardening process, some not so pleasant fumes are created. Do not breathe these in. Wear a 1/2 mask dual cartridge respirator, with Organic Vapor Cartridges. Store the cartridges in air tight containers because if you leave them out them will keep on working and the carbon will be all used up. And check to see how long the cartridges last. The ones I use only go for 40 hours. I've had too many people tell me about Orgone workshops they attended where the teacher told them the fumes weren't a problem. It is a problem, so take adequate steps to protect yourself. It takes a few days for resin to fully cure so leave everything outside your home in an appropriate plastic or cardboard box. You can also put the box into a contractor grade garbage bag as that keeps the fumes in.

Why don't you have a shopping cart system set up on your site?

Because all my products are handmade I'm not able to carry a large inventory of products.

And quite often certain products sell out rather quickly. So it would take too much time updating the website with current inventory levels.

So I find it best for my customers to email me directly on which products they are interested in.

Then I can send a quote, photos, and let you know if the item is in stock, and if not, how soon I can make it.

Also I can apply discounts as well as figure out the most economical shipping options.

Are your pyramids the same angle as the ones at Giza?

The Pyramids at Giza are 52 degrees, and mine are I believe 62 degrees. Once I find my protractor I'll update to the exact measurements.

Do your products have Shugite in them?

Yes I put Shungite in the all the Power Pucks, Plates, Pocket Discs and Pendants.
They are also included in these Pyramids: Blue Kyanite, Copper Frame, Grounding, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Metatron’s Cube, Flower of Life, Sri Yantra.
I've also added Selenite to each of these to help clear the Shungite.

Are the prices in Canadian Dollars?

Yes, all the prices on the site are in Canadian Dollars.
Due to exchange rate differences, USA orders currently receive a 20 – 25% discount.
For European orders, you will receive a 30 – 35% discount.

How do I order by Credit Card?

To pay by Credit Card, once your order is finalized I will be emailing you a Paypal Invoice.
You can use this to pay by Credit Card and you don't need a Paypal account to use it.

Does orgone need to be 50/50 Metal and Resin?

Absolutely not. I've been making and selling orgone products for over 10 years now, and I've always had great feedback on how effective my products are.

When I first started making orgone I also read that orgone "had to be a 50/50 mix", but that didn't feel right to me, and so I just followed my intuition, and I believe the results speak for themselves. I remember at one store that was carrying my products, they had someone else's orgone pyramid there as well.

It was a huge pyramid, 12 inches wide at the base and 12 inches tall, made with 50/50 metal and resin. I said to the salesperson there that " wow, that must be so powerful" and she just looked at me and shook her head and said it's energy was nothing compared to mine. It was at that moment that I realized there was alot more to orgone than just the resin and metal.

Are all Orgone the same?

No, all orgone is different, not only visually, but more importantly energetically. Every orgone maker uses their own creativity in designing their products. Therefore each orgone device has it's own unique frequency based on a number of things: metals, crystals, symbols, shape, and most importantly, the orgone makers consciousness/energy field. So it is best to use your Heart/Intuition to tune into which one resonates with you the best.

Can an Orgone Pyramid help my business?

Yes, most definitely. I've had many comments over the years about amazing changes that happened after an orgone pyramid was brought into a persons business. The most common was not only an immediate increase in clients/customers, but everyone was alot nicer, customers and co-workers alike. I was even told about how the energy of an entire floor of an office building changed after one of my customers moved to a different office and took her pyramid with her.