The Sacred Earth Orgone Meditation

The Sacred Earth Orgone Meditation

I'd like to introduce a way that you can directly effect change on this planet. When I first started making Orgone, I imagined seeding the Earths chakra points and major energy centers with orgone pyramids. The intent was to use these access points to channel the high frequencies/source energy transmitted through the pyramid to help powerfully raise the energetic field of the earth. It wasn't until many years later, after a few of my clairvoyant/psychic friends gave me messages that it needed to be done, and soon, that I moved forward with the project. I enlisted the aid of my friends and customers who were traveling to the sacred sites of the earth, and gave them each a special pyramid to place as they were guided. So now there are pyramids seeded at the Earths chakra points, and in various major and minor energy centers, with more to be placed soon in the remaining points of power on the planet. I intended to release this information when all of the Earths chakra points, and major energy vortexes were covered, but with all the changes happening in the world these days, this project needed to be started as soon as possible.

As of September 2018, Orgone pyramids have been placed at the following Earth Chakra Points:

Mt. Shasta, California (chakra 1), Macchu Piccu, Peru (chakra 2), Uluru, Australia (chakra 3), Glastonbuy Tor, England (chakra 4) and Mt. Fuji, Japan (chakra 5).

There is also one placed in Haleakala Crater in Hawaii, considered the world's fire vortex, as well as in the temple beside Lake Titicaca in Peru, atop two sacred mountain ranges in China, and in the mid Atlantic Ocean. There are also pyramids placed in various smaller vortexes in the North Shore mountains near Vancouver, and in Pemberton. There is also an orgone pyramid placed inside the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

Now this project has two parts, the first being the placement of the pyramids. The second part involves You, or more precisely the interaction of Human Consciousness with the Orgone devices. I believe that awakened human consicousness is the greatest power in creation, as we are in fact creator beings. But even though we have this amazing potential within us, we have limited those abilities, either by our Intent, design, or as a result of outside interference. So much of who we really are is limited by our beliefs of what we are capable of, of what we will Allow ourselves to be, trapped by the constraints of our current limited self image. You could change yourself and the world in an instant, but a belief or thought blocks that from happening. But it is a simple thing to use your Awareness and your Intent to link your pyramids with those buried across the planet. Since each Pyramid is alike, having the same general quantum signature, they have a strong connection to each other..As quantum physics teaches, there is no distance between anything, it is all one unified field of energy, where you are connected to everything else in existence. So you now have something tangible that you can work with to help protect and heal our world, as well as to empower the template for the New Earth.

The way this interaction will take place is through a Guided Meditation that I've put together based on some ideas I've developed from my studies of various teachings and techniques, plus from what my energy healer/psychic friends have shared. I've combined and modified them in a way that felt right for this Intention.

I brought together my closest lightworker friends to help this meditation take form. These are friends of mine who are truly heart centered, being of service, each bringing their unique insights, awareness and skills into the equation. As I led the guided meditation they were able to add new aspects that were shared to them by Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guides, or their Higher Selves. So this is definitely a work in progress that will grow and evolve as time goes on. That being said, I'd like to share with you the framework for the meditation that we've been using that will hopefully serve as a starting point for you and possibly a group of your friends. Please follow your own guidance on how you and your group progresses. Feel free to disregard any part, or add what feels comfortable for you. But I would encourage you to try each step and see how it feels.

The first step is to place your Orgone Pyramid in the center of the group. If you have an orgone plate, you can place a pyramid on top it, as this seems to really amplify the power. Because I have so many here, my friends intuitively place them in different patterns. So if you have a number of pyramids at your disposal, just follow your guidance as to the placement. You can also use your Intention to place energetic pyramid as well.

Then our group spends about ten minutes getting ready for the meditation, by doing breathwork to shift into a relaxed state, and by tuning up the chakras with the Chakra Discs. If you don't have a set, you can simply hold your orgone pyramid over each chakra points, starting at the root or the crown, wherever you feel guided. Intend for the chakra point to be cleansed, balanced, and powered up. I like breathing into each energy center as I'm doing this clearing work, as well as imagining breathing in the orgone energy from the pryamid to saturate my physical and energetic bodies. I also like to imagine a white light expanding from the center of my being filling me full of radiant white light.

The Meditation

Step 1 - Set the Intent

Step 2 - Merge with the highest aspects of You

Step 3 - Protection & Allies

Step 4 - Link with Creator Energy, your Avatar state and Divine Blueprint

Step 5 - Connect with and Activate the Pyramids

Step 6 - Send Healing Energy througout the world

Step 7 - Activate Hand Chakras and project Energy

Step 8 - Raise Human Consciousness Field

Step 9 - Send Healing Energy throughout the rest of Creation

Step 10 - Personal Healing and Upgrades

Step 11 - Hold the Field and Ask for Guidance

Step 12 - Gratitude & Thanks

Step 1 - Set the Intention

(As with all endeavors, setting the Intention before one begins is crucial to success. So simply state the Intention for the coming meditation.)

" I / We Intend to embody our highest Avatar state, to project our consciousness, our Will throughout this world, connecting the power of the Orgone pryamids with all of the pyramids on this planet, to raise the frequency of the Earths grid, to heal and purify this world, and to lay the foundation for the New Earth."

(Feel free to write your own Intention. Just follow your Heart and project what feels right for you.)

Step 2 - Merge with the Highest Aspects of You

(The second step involves taking yourself to the highest expression of You. We are going to do this by imagining various aspects of ourselves, standing in front of us, that we will "step into", and take on that frequency. This will be the energetic signature of a version of You, from a future time, or from a parallel or alternate reality. Now it's been said that linear time is just a creation for us to experience 3D space. So everything is in fact happening in the Now, one giant Moment, so there is no difference between the "future you" and who you are now except a thought making it so. Same goes for parallel, alternate realities. When you dissolve the bonds between you and these worlds, you merge back into the one. Okay, enough with the quantum mystical talk. Just try the following technique and see how you feel. The concept for it came to me 30 minutes before our first meditation session and I didn't know if it would work or not. Afterwards everyone commented that it was an amazingly poweful technique. So give it a try, and be creative with it as you can apply it to all areas of your life.)

"The first thing I would ask everyone do is to stand 4 steps back from your final seated position."

"Now Imagine/Intend that in front of you is an Aspect of you that is Fully Present, that holds the frequency of the Present Moment. You can think of this energetic self as a future You, or one from an alternate/parallel reality that has achieved the state of being fully present."

(Or alternatively you can imagine an ascended master, a diety or guru, or a person who you feel embodies these qualities. You can imagine Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lord Shiva, or anyone you are guided to that represents this aspect to you. Personally I would choose the aspect of you, since, well, that's you!)

"Now when you have projected this energetic signature in front of you, when it feels right, take a step forward and stand in it. Allow this frequency in. Feel it shift and change you".

"Now imagine/Intend in front of you is a version of you that has given itself permission to be Great, to fully embody it's greatness. Most people have read the famous Marianne Williamson quote, on how we fear our greatness, choosing to be small. Well now you are going to step into an aspect of you that has allowed itself to be great, given permission to itself to fully be in it's power. When your ready, take a step forward. Allow the frequency in. Feel the shifts and changes to your energetic self."

"Now imagine/Intend in front of you an aspect of you that is Lovable, that is Lovable by God. For so many people, our core driver/injury from childhood is that we are unlovable, therefore we are worthless, undeserving, and therefore limited. Well, right now in this moment, there is an aspect of you that knows it is Lovable, has given itself permission to be Lovable, and to it's highest expression, Lovable by God. Now step into this aspect of you, one that is lovable, deserving, worthy and great".

"Now imagine/Intend in front of you is an aspect of You that has reached Enlightenment, that has attained the consciousness of Oneness with all creation. When you are ready, step into this frequency, and allow it to permeate every atom of your being."

"Now imagine/Intend in front of you, seated, is your Higher Self. When your ready, sit into your Higher Self, and allow that frequency in."

Step 3 - Protection and Allies

(Now that we are seated, it is time to call in 4 Archangels for protection, whichever ones you are guided to call.)

"I now ask the help of four Archangels, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel, for each of the 4 directions, to protect our work, and to help guide us as needed. In return I offer healing energy from the Orgone pyramds .I also ask the assistance of Archangel Metatron, and all the Angelic beings from all the universes who wish to help humanity, to come in and join our work."

"I ask everyone to call in their guides and Angels to also help in this work, and for everyone to take healing energy from the Orgones."

"We also ask the help of Jesus Christ, to share Christ Consciousness with us."

"We ask the help of:Quan Yin for her healing powers,"

"Lord Ganesh to remove all obstacles to make our meditation a success,"

"Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars, for their wisdom and guidance"

"St Germaine and the Violet Flame to purify the area."

"The Elementals, Earth, Air, Fire and Water"

"And finally the consciousness of planet earth, Mother Nature, Gaia, or as the Gnostics have called her, Sophia"

Step 4 - Link with Creator Energy, your Avatar State & Divine Blueprint

"Now we are going to link with the Creator energies, using Intent and Will"

"We now connect with the Energies of the Creator, coming down from the heavens in a column of pure radiant white light, surrounding each of us, in a column of Divine light, filling the entire room with a column of Divine Energy."

"We now connect with planet Earth, Gaia, Sophia, running a grounding cord to the center of the planet, activating that cord, and drawing up a column of energy from the planet core to surround us, anchor and ground us."

"We now ask to connect with our highest expression, our Avatar State, to come down and overlay us with our divine perfect physical template so that we may manifest our highest expression. We ask for our Divine blueprint to overlay our physical bodies, raising us to perfect health. We ask that our junk DNA be dissolved and that our Divine DNA blueprint be overlaid on our DNA strands so that we may express our perfect divine form"

"We also ask our HIgher Selves to guide this meditation, as well we ask our Guides and the Archangels for their council in guiding us to the highest expression of this meditation as possible. And we ask we only take in as much energies and consciousness as we can safely handle"

Step 5 - Connect with and activate the pyramids

"We now connect with the pyramids in front of us, activating them. We extend this connection to all of the orgone pyramids buried at the earths chakras points, and energy vortexes on this world. We now connect with the pyramid at Mt. Shasta, at Macchu Piccu, at Uluru, at Glastonbury Tor, the one on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun pyramid, at Lake Titicaca, in the North Atlantic, the two sacred mountain ranges in China, and all the rest of the pyramids on the planet. We now place on all the remaining chakras and energy vortexes an energetic Orgone pyramid. At Mt. Kailas in Tibet, on Mt. Fuji in Japan, at Haleakala Crater in Hawaii, at Palenque in Mexico, on table Mountain in South Africa, at Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand, at Niagara Falls, at ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and all the rest of the energy vortexes and sacred sites on the planet. Spend a moment using your Intent and Will to place energetic pyramids at the energy centers and sacred sites you are guided to. These pyramids can be any size you feel is right, from normal to the size of a house or moutain. Place them where you are guided to now."

"We will now place energetic orgone pyramids in all of the manmade pyramids on this planet, the pyramids at Giza, the Bosnian Pyramid, the pyramids in South America, and China, all the pyramids above and below the oceans, found and unfound. We activate all these pyramids now."

Step 6 - Send healing energy throughout the world

"We now imagine each pyramid across this world sending a beam of pure source energy upwards to the highest edges of our atmosphere. When this beam reaches the edge of the atmosphere, it refracts and bends along the atmosphere, connecting with all the other beams, creating a latticework of energy around the planet, surrounding and permeating all of the upper atmosphere, cleansing and purifying the atmosphere of all impurities, radiation, and toxins. As this white light of the highest frequencies saturates the upper atmosphere, it descends to the lower atmospheres, cleansing, purifying and healing all the atmosphere. Now this white healing light extends to the surface of the planet, deep into the soil, cleaning, purifying and healing the earth of all toxins, radiation, and low frequencies. This healing energy now travels deep into the earth, healing, purifying and activating all the crystals on and in the planet. Now this healing energy descends into the all of the rivers, lakes and oceans of this world..... the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic Ocean, the Antarctic Ocean, and all the lakes and streams of the world, purifying the waters, healing and raising the frequencies of the water, with the highest expression of Love and Gratitude. We ask the help of the Dolphins and Whale consciousness, Elementals, Faerie and Devic realms to help send this energy where it is most needed. We extend this energy to the greatest depths of the oceans, cleansing and purifying and healing all the waters of this world. We will hold this field until we are guided to move on to the next step"

Step 7 - Activate Hand Chakras and project Energy

"We now hold our hands open, palms up, and ask that a column of pure source energy from the Creator come down and intersect with each of our hand chakras, opening and clearing them, powering them with Divine Energy. A white column of pure energy of the highest frequency is now activating our Hand Chakras. Now imagine in front of you is our world, the size of a basketball, floating in front of you. Now imagine a column of source energy from the creator descending down from the heavens, entering your upper chakras, clearing, activating and powering them, entering your crown chakra, travelling through your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, your heart chakra and then extending out down your arms, and through your hand chakras. Now point your hand chakras at the holographic representation of the earth, sending this source energy directly to the earth, blasting the earth with the highest frequencies of energy, powering up the earth, breaking away any debris and toxins, transforming negative energies into positive, neutralizing all radiation in the air, soil and sea, purifying all of creation, and we ask Gaia, Mother Earth, Sophia to take this energy and use it as she is guided to".

"Now hold this flow as long as you are guided to."

"Now we will use the healing powers of St. Germaine's Violet Flame. Imagine the Earth in front of us, and underneath is the Violet Flame. To the right of the earth is a dial, set from 1 to 10. Now turn the dial and imagine St. Germaine's Violet Flame raising higher, engulfing the earth, burning away all impurities, toxins, karma, breaking it up, neutralizing turn the dial to 2, 3, 4, and watch flames grow brighter and more powerful in intensity, burning away more impurities and toxins and negativity of this world. Now turn the dial to 5, 6, 7 and see the flames burning even more brightly and powerfully, burning away the last vestiges of toxins, karma, and dross of this turn the knob to 8, 9, and 10 and watch the flame burn even more powerfully, burning away all the remaining darkness, breaking it all up, completely neutralizng it, until the earth is completely pure again, vibrating at it's highest frequency".

"When you are ready, we will move to the next step which is sending energy to the Elementals"

"We again Intend a column of the highest frequency energy directly from source creator, coming down in a pillar of light, through our crown chakra, clearing it, opening it, powering it, down to our third eye chakra, clearing it, opening it, powering it, down to our throat chakra, purifying it, opening it, powering it, to our Heart Chakra, purifiying it, opening it, powering it, down through our arms through our hand chakras, purifying, opening and powering them. Now imagine in front of us the soil of this world, be it in a container or on it's own. Imagine the Earth Elementals as well, and hand facing in front of you, send the earth and the Earth Elementals pure source energy, to purify and heal the land, and to empower the Earth Elementals. When you feel the work is done, imagine the water of this world in front of you, and the Water Elementals. Send them healing energies as well, to purify and heal all the water on this planet. Now when you feel that is done, imagine the Air of the planet in front of you, and the Air Elementals, and send them healing energy, purifiying and cleaning the air of this planet. Once done, imagine the fire of this world, and the Fire Elementals, and send them healing energy as well."

"Now we call in the original Divine Blueprint overlay for this planet, the orginal blueprint, coming down from Creator, overlaying over this Earth, shifting and transforming the Earth back to her original pristine state. We see her as she was originally created, pure water, pure air, pure soil, vibrating at the highest of frequencies. This is the template for the New Earth. Through our work here today we are empowering this template, with our Consciousness, our Will, so that it may take form as our new home during the coming transition"

"We now focus on the resonance of our heart, realizing this is the same resonant frequency as the Earth. We link these frequencies together, so as the Earth shifts, we shift with the Earth as well, together, as one."

Step 8 - Raise human consciousness field

"We now imagine before us the consciousness of all humanity on this planet at this time. We send that consciousness this highest of divine energies from creator, to uplift mankind, to raise the consciousness of all humans on this planet, to open their eyes to the truth of who and what they truly are, that they are one, a part of the whole. We intend the raising of human consciousness to higher frequencies, to awaken a new divine consciousness in all of mankind. We imagine all of humanity hearts, beating together as one, one heart in unison, as One."

Step 9 - Send healing energy throughout the rest of creation

"Now we imagine the Earth glowing a pure radiant pink light of pure Love energy, that starts extending to all the planets and sun of this solar system, extending out into neighboring star systems into our quadrant of the milky way galaxy, through to the whole milky way and extending out to all the other galaxies, to fill the entire universe. This radiant pink light sends out the highest of divine frequencies, raising all the planets, moons and stars to their highest state, and extends out to the ends of creation, the divine whole, God."

"We will now hold this field until we feel the work is done."

Step 10 - Personal Healing and Upgrades

"Now we ask the creator to send a column of divine source energy, down from the heavens, through our crown chakra, down to the 3rd eye chakra, the throat chakra, heart center, solar plexus, naval and the root chakra. We ask that this divine frequency transform our bodies, to purify us, to heal us back to our perfect state, and to upgrade our dna and nervous system, our chakra centers and energy meridians so that we may be able to hold more Light, so that we can do this work more powerfully, and to help anchor more Light in this realm to help raise the consicousness of humanity. And we ask this divine light to activate our DNA, to hasten our evolution, to dissolve all junk DNA, and that our divine original dna blueprint is ovelayed, which will awaken in us our true consciouness, and therby help us to fulfull our roll as Lightworkers and Lightbearers."

Step 11 - Hold the field and ask for Guidance

"We now ask that if there are any messages, any information from our Higher Selves, our Guides, Ascended Masters or Angelic Beings to please share that information with us now"

(There may be some advice, or areas needing to be covered that may be revealed at this time.)

Step 12 - Gratitude and Thanks

"We now give thanks and gratitude to all those who have helped with this meditation."