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Vlasty Senovsky West Vancouver, B.C. 604 990 0524
Vlasty is an expert in the fields of Dowsing, and specialize in Geopathic and Electromagnetic Energies. Negative Geopathic Zones are considered to be one of the most important dangers to your health. He can come into your home or workplace and not only detect these zones, but clear them as well using a number of techniques. His measurements are confirmed through the use of sensitive electronic instruments designed to detect subtle energies. He is also able to measure your level of exposure and correct if via homeopathic remedies and the adjustment of your physical environment.




Julia King

Angel Therapy Practitioner tm, Certified Medium, Channel & Psychic, Energy Healer

My friend Julia is an amazingly gifted psychic/clairvoyant/healer. She has helped me tremendously in regards to energetic healing and in channeling information about the Orgone and life in general. My friends and customers who have had readings and healing work from Julia have been really impressed and think she is amazing. I highly recommend you contact her if your looking for guidance or healing. She is available for phone and in home readings. You can contact her by email at [email protected]


Laura Wishart Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Parksville, B.C.

[email protected]

I’ve been receiving BodyTalk sessions from my friend Laura for many years now and can say without a doubt that's she is the real deal. She's a very advanced partictioner and has taken literally all of the courses that BodyTalk offers. I highly recommend her.


Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel is all about transformations. He is an incredibly enlightened and gifted healer and works with some of the most powerful healing modalites and tools. I've taken his Golden Light Attunement course and can attest to its benefits. Sometimes after our sessions I call my psychic friends to "scan me" and tell me what they feel. So many times they were amazed at the changes in my energetics, and what they commented on was exactly what Emmanuel told me he was doing. He is definitely the real deal and I"m sure you will find that out as well when you work with him.


Elaine Hopkins Reiki Master Teaacher, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Inner Child Work. Sorrento, B.C. et[email protected] phone: 250 675 4641


Saurang McEwen

Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Melanesian Bodyworker, Champissage (Indian Head Massage Practitioner) Therapeutic Movement Teacher and a host of monthly Reiki Shares. My studio is surrounded by hundreds of magical maple Trees. Nature trails begin from my front door leading to a nearby forest that nurtures the senses and refreshes the spirit Saurang Studio Lanark, Ontario


Grace Talson Reiki Master

Teacher, Theta Healing, Huna Energy Sessions 604 939 0993


Catherine Whittall
I am a Clairsentient / Empathic Psychic Medium, Numerologist , Palmist and Angelic Light Language Activator ~ I feel Sacred Connections , Using Numbers , Geometry , and Palmistry ~ Divinely , Linking the Delicate and Otherworldly Sparkles that define our Complex Human Experience




Vortex Healing Center

Barbara Longue and Sue Christiansen


Christine Paton - Stone Haven Gems


Amethyst Creations - Brian - 2746 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, B.C.



Ivane Delmars Basic Health & Wellness [email protected]

211D - 552 Columbia St., New Westminster Phone for appointment 778 819 8315

I’ve been friends with Ivane for over 10 years now and she actually saved my life by being able to reveal a problem before it became unmanageable. Whenever a friend or customer contacts me about health issues, she’s the first person I recommend that they go see. This is what she offers:

In Practice for 25 years, background in many modalities such as nutrition, herbalism, iridology, German new medicine, homeopathy, OZONE use. Uses Food, Herbs and nutritional supplements to help Optimize and Balance. Provide nutritional counselling based on Live Blood analysis and or Cell Well epigenetic testing from Hair follicles.

All appointments are 1 to 1 1/2 hour long and include the testing and solutions to the findings.

Price is $ $150 for Live Blood Test, $250 for Cell Well Hair follicle test / German test Together package price $350   

OZONE Booth: $ 1 session $65 5 sessions for $300 10 sessions for 550 Ongoing sessions are $50


Hakan Coskuner

My good friend Hakan is a Wellness Consultant and Lifestyle Coach who has a strong belief that it is relatively easy to achieve and maintain good health, slow the aging process and live a vibrant, energetic life. Rather than combating symptoms of disease, he teaches how to restore and maintain the body's natural balance, vitality and youthfullness. His services are tailored to each individual, and I can personally attest to the breadth of his knowledge on all matters related to health. His website has a great selection of free resources and articles.


Dr. Gabriela Schemel – Ocean Naturopathic Clinic

If our looking for a good naturopath and live in West or North Van, give Gabriela a call. She is quite knowledgable and carries some great specialty products. #203 - 1865 Marine Drive, West Vancouver 604 922 4424


Earth Clinic

This is one of my favorite online health sites. Lots of information on home remedies.




Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Skate Oil

I consider fermented cod liver and skate oil to be one of the most important supplements I'm currently taking. Being fermented, it is a "living food" which makes it extremely bio available vs synthetic supplements. It provides vitamins A, D, E and K plus all the other nutrients found in cod liver. The one I buy is the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Cod Liver OIl Blend, Cinnamon Tingle Flavor. This is a gel, and you only need to take 1/2 tsp twice a day. The Butter Oil is a very important nutrient which has what Weston Price called " Activator X". I find it delicious, but many of my friends gag when taking it. Fortunately it comes in capsule form as well. I was first told about Skate Oil from many of my customes who said it was for decalcifying the Pineal Gland. It also has the benefit of not only vitamins A, D, E, K, but also a host of other amazing nutrients such as CoQ enzymes, omega fatty acids, chondroitin etc.


Ramiel Nagel Cure Tooth Decay

This is a great book on dental care. It provides a wonderful summary of the teachings of Weston T Price, who was a dentist that travelled the world to document the changes in the teeth of different cultures as they switched from their traditional diets to western type processed foods.  He found peoples who never had dental problems, suddenly have that all change due to the food they were eating, or more specifically, the nutrients they were lacking in their diet. This book gives the whole story, and proper nutritional protocols to follow. His website has lost of great info.




Dr Tungs Ionic Toothbrush

This is an amazing toothbrush using a battery that reverses the polarity of the tooth surfaces from negative to positive and which pushes plaque towards the toothbrush head. A really ingenious way to remove plaque from teeth.


Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur is a great healing mineral that most people know as MSM. I had bought some last year but soon learned that MSM Sulfur is full of fillers and binders which dramatically reduce the healing effects. There is a type that is almost 100% pure, with no binders or fillers, whch seems to be the key for the amazing results people are getting. Friends of mine have been tellng me how their health has improved in all areas after starting on this product. Luckily two of them were so impressed that they sourced it out and are now selling it. If you live in the Vancouver area, call Duke at 604 340 2650 to buy it direct, or contact him from his site.

My other friend Hakan at Body Equilibrium can send it by mail order anywhere in North America and Internationally. He's got a great write up on his website that covers everything in detail.


Vitamin C

Most people know about the health benefits of Vitamin C, but the key for me was to find a food source vs the chemical/synthetic variety. Luckily after much internet searching I came across this product which is made of Acerola Cherry Powder. Now it's part of my daily regimen.


Sea Clear

This is a really interesting product for anti radiation and heavy metal benefits. It is made of fermented kelp, chlorella, miso, apple cider, turmeric and pepper. If you've read about anti radiation diets, that involved these ingredients. What makes this product unique is the fermenting of the kelp adn all you need to take is just 1/2 tsp a day.


Quantum K Online Healing Video


This is a free 20 minute online video that provides healing on all levels. All you to do is turn your speakers on and then read the affirmations/intensions. My friends have shared amazing stories after

just one go through.


Vielight Internasal Laser Therapy

This is a very interesting product. Basically you put a laser diode into your nose and it flashes the capillaries and the base of the brain with photonic energy. I had a live blood test done before and after using this for 20 minutes and the blood was totally changed....all the bacteria etc vanished and the

blood cells were separated and healthy looking. These devices are being used for dementia and other mental disorders as it seems to be reactivating the brain. Well worth researching.


Karen Lyric Eternal Youth Unlocking the Secrets to Health & VItality ebook
My friend Karen has written a really interesting book on recaiming youth, energy and vitality.
It's available on,





If your looking for cold weather gear, this is the place to go. They are the number 1 seller of sleeping bags in the USA. I have two of them and they really are amazing. Jerry the owner makes his own insulation which is so good you can go into your sleeping bags with wet clothes and wake up perfectly dry. He also sells all manner of jackets, mittens, etc. He came out with a new material called Ducksback which is a type of cotton weave where the water literally just runs off. I’ve got a few of his jackets, liners, socks and I can say they are all excellent quality and I highly recommend them

The sweater jacket or liner is perfect for wearing indoors in the winter when you need to turn down the thermostat to save on /heating costs.

Firebox Stove

I have a few of his stoves and they are well made and very portable.


Silverfire Stoves

These are really great stoves and what I like best is how they will work with wood pellets.
Here in Canada you can buy 40lbs of hardwood pellets for $7 at Canadian Tire. So no need to

keep any wood stacked, just store the pellets in 5 gallon containers and your all set.

WoolPower Base and Mid Layers

I’ve bought alot of different types of base layers over the years, but this was the best.
Very high quality and machine washable. The Canadian Outdoor Equipment company is one of the few places that I could find that sells them in Canada.