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Shungite Disc Orgone Pendant

Shungite Disc Orgone Pendant
Orgone Pendants

Price: CAD $38

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i made the Shungite DIsc Orgone Pendant for those who wanted a larger piece of Shungite in their Orgone pendant. In regards to Shugite, some say it is self clearing, while others say it isn't, and needs regular clearing.  This is solved by adding clearing and grounding crystals in the pendant. 

This pendant will protects against EMF, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack and negative energies of all kinds. 
For EMF protection

Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Blue Sodalite
For Grounding

Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite
For Clearing

Blue Kyanite, Black Kyanite, Selenite 


Please check the FAQ page for a more detailed description of each crystal

And if you would like to see photos of what I currently have in stock, just let me know.

All Pendants are made here in Vancouver, BC, Canada


These Pendants are $38 Canadian, which is about $30 US, $29 Euros,

Shipping is free to USA & Canada.

Shipping to Europe, Australia, Asia, is only $5 Cdn, & free if you order 2 or more pendants

Properties of the Crystals used in this Pyramid

Amazonite       Balancing Energy, Harmony, Universal Love

Blocks electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress, filters incoming energies, clearing away negativity or psychic attacks. Contains an abundance of love and healing energy, soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear, dispels negative energy 

Chakra: Heart 


Black Kyanite    Clears Energy Blockages, Grounding, Energizing

Helps promote balance in all chakras, especially the root chakra. Restores Qi/Life Force to the physical body, and balances the Yin and Yang energies. Good for energetic healings. Surrounds the aura with protective energy shield that eliminates all negative energies. Can be placed on any chakra to send healing energy to any tears or holes. Never needs cleansing or clearing
Chakra: All, Root

Black Tourmaline       Protection, Purification, Grounding

Protects against EMF, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack and negative energies of all kinds. Able to transmute and purify them. Keeps auric field clear of attachments and entities. Good for stress and worry. It grounds energy and increases physical vitality
Chakra: Base 

Blue Kyanite       Clears Blockages, Psychic Abilities, Communication

Clears negative energy blockages from your chakras and auric field. Aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly and never requiring clearing. Opens the throat chakra, encouraging communication and self-expression. Has a calming effect on the whole being, bringing tranquility. Excellent for meditation, dream recall and opens psychic channels. It can help with connecting to your spirit guides.

Chakra: All, Throat, Third Eye

Blue Sodalite       Creativity, Insight, Focus

Helps one stay focused, provides insight into Self, aids deep meditation. Great for ideas, creativity, perception and intuition. Brings emotional balance and can be helpful in times of stress or panic. It helps to release our fears, promoting self trust and self acceptance. Helps block and clear EMF emanations 
Chakra: Throat & Third Eye


Clear Quartz       Energizing, Amplifying, Programmable, Healing

Amplifies, focuses, stores, transfers and transforms energy. Brings in Universal Energy and can be programmed with your Intent. An excellent stone for meditation, connects to the higher self, removes negativity and allows access to your spirit guides. Clear Quartz provides clarity in thinking and awareness. 

Amplifies the energy of other crystals. A master healer that supports the entire energetic system, working on all areas of the mind and body. It stimulates and balances the energy of the whole body, boosting the immune system. 
Chakra: All Chakra

Hematite       Protective, Grounding, Energizing 

Highly protective, guards against negative energies of all types. Very grounding, balances auric field, aligns chakras, keeps you focused, overcome blocks. and enhances one’s will and drive. Also brings courage and personal magnetism.

Magnetite       Grounding, Balancing

Powerful grounder of any energy, draws negativity out of the body. Balances energy body, opens flow of energy in blocked meridians
Chakra: All


Pyrite       Grounding, Protection, Taking Action

Pyrite is known as a stone of protection, and shields from negative energies.Grounding, helps connect with the energy of the Earth. Helps with overcoming fear and taking action. Encourages self reflection, overcome what is holding you back
Chakra: Solar Plexus 


Rutilated Quartz       Programmable, Expanding Awareness

Helps filter negative energies out of your life. It can cleanse your heart and mind of any resentment you’re holding, even if it happens to be subconscious. 

Chakra: All

Selenite       Clearing, Charging, Clarity of Mind

A clearing crystal which can charge other crystals and magnify their energies. Cleanses the auric field and your surroundings. Good for home and workplace to keep negative emotions and low vibration energies at bay. Selentite enhances clarity of the mind and concentration, and can help to open your third eye chakra

Ideal for accessing Angelic consciousness and higher guidance. 

It is one of the best crystals for Reiki practitioners to use.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Shungite       Grounding, Neutralizer 

Helps clear all negative frequencies, providing protection from emf and radiation. It transforms and absorbs negative energies and aids in psychic protection. Helps energize and ground your root chakra. Used for health and healing
Chakra: Root