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$20 Only!
Solar Plexus Chakra Orgone Pendant

Solar Plexus Chakra Orgone Pendant
Orgone Pendants

Price: CAD $20

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The Solar Plexus Chakra Pendant was originally a custom order request from a Reiki teacher. After she told me about them I thought it best to make these available to everyone.


These Pendants are $20 Canadian which is about $16 US, $14 Euros and comes with your choice of Yellow or Black string.

And shipping is free to USA & Canada. 


The crystals used are: sunstone, peridot, tigers eye, moonstone, clear quartz, rutilated quartz,blue kyanite, rose quartz, carnelion, pyrite, serpentine and bornite,


"I love these yellow pendants very much. Yesterday I decided to test one on myself and the heat that came out of my solar plexus was nothing that I have ever experienced before. It was phenomenal. Highly energizing for me which means their clearing and energizing power on folks stuck in their solar plexus will work like a charm. The blue ones work really fast on the throat chakra for level one Reiki students and that has been proven over and over again on the first day of training. People have opened up in ways that even helped their tone strength felt much clearer and hoarseness disappeared. So the blue ones will remain a stapel in my training and now the yellow ones will be as well. I really appreciate your work in creating these healing tools"  Saurang McEwen, Lanark Ontario. Reiki Master and Teacher