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Tasmanian Energy Vortex Pendant
Tasmanian Energy Vortex Pendant Tasmanian Energy Vortex Pendant Tasmanian Energy Vortex Pendant

Tasmanian Energy Vortex Pendant
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Price: CAD $35

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In the center of this pendant is a clear quartz crystal that has been charged in the Tasmanian Energy Vortex in Tasmania, Australia. It’s been said that this vortex has a very high vibration and is close to the purest form of energy on the planet, so this pendant will radiate that energy into your field. Also, using the concepts of Sympathetic Resonance and Quantum Non-Locality, you can set your Intent to connect directly with this Vortex, and then use that added energy for your spiritual or healing work. For example it could be used to power up any energetic healing modality, for manifesting, clearing/solidifying the aura or working with the Chakra system.

Around the outside edge of this pendant I have also added the following crystals:

amethyst, rutilated quartz, rose quartz, blue kyanite, black kyanite, sodalite, black tourmaline, pyrite, red jasper, serpentine, hematite, and selenite.

These crystals provide the added benefits of clearing and charging, emf protection, grounding, healing, spiritual purification etc. 

Please check the FAQ section for a list of all the Crystal properties.

The pendants come in Clear and Violet and are all made here in Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are 7 string colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Green, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, and Yellow.


These Pendants are $35 Canadian, which is about $28 US, $25 Euros,

Shipping is free to USA & Canada.

Shipping to Europe, Australia, Asia, is only $5 Cdn, & free if you order 2 or more pendants




I wanted to let you know what I thought about the Tasmanian vortex pendant.  I let it sit a few days and had it on the charging plate, as well as a giant selenite.  When I finally tried it on it felt supercharged.  It’s interesting because the pendant has such clear energy, it seems to amplify whatever I am feeling.  I wore it for work and was so focused my work seemed effortless and even enjoyable as I was writing my report.  It definitely increases my energy and I seem to be able to use it to enhance my own abilities.  Overall it is pretty cool and unusual. It’s like it shape-shifts to match what I need. I really like it!  Very clear and powerful for a pendant!